PremierCredit welcomes the Copper Queens

PremierCredit welcomes the Copper Queens

PremierCredit officially welcomed the entire Copper Queens back home

We had the honour of welcoming the Copper Queens from their outstanding performance at the just ended Total Energies WAFCON where they emerged as Bronze winners and cemented their place in the FIFA Women World Cup 2023.

Our CEO, Chilufya Mutale had interactive financial literacy sessions with the girls, sharing information on how to build generational wealth, make smart money moves to build their financial future.

Here is the speech that our CEO Chilufya Mutale gave:

Our CEO Chilufya Mutale’s speech welcoming the Copper Queens

I wish to congratulate the Copper Queens on their BRONZE Medal win at the just ended WAFCO. I think I speak for everyone in the room when I convey the deep sense of pride that we all feel in seeing you players represent our country with such gallantry and professionalism. Even in having the privilege to address you today, I want you to know that in our hearts and minds, you remain the true champions. Morocco May have won the trophy, but you won the hearts of not only Zambia, but Africa as a whole with your passion, your skill and dedication. You have made us proud.

I wish to further congratulate you on cementing your place in Zambia’s footballing history by qualifying to the FIFA Women World Cup 2023. As CEO of Premiercredit, I am happy to inform you of our decision to rally behind you as a team through our show of support and sponsorship. Today we have sponsored the team to the tune of K100,000.00 to cater for your stay and logistics upon arrival back here in Lusaka. It is our way of welcoming you back home and expressing in a tangible way that we are indeed proud of you.

I want to pledge PremierCredit’s continued support to this amazing team of professionals and urge each member to think intentionally about your investment future even as you navigate your rising football careers. As you continue to rise. it is our dream to see you grow not only in acclaim in the field of sports, but also in wealth by increasing your investment portfolio and driving towards financial freedom.

About PremierCredit

Our company is an online microlending and investment platform that is here to help you manage your finances effectively by helping you save, borrow and invest with ease, thus achieving your financial goals. It is for this reason that we have partnered with FAZ to ensure that we remain a committed partner of the women’s National team. Our support goes beyond giving team members access to affordable finance, but we are also offering opportunities for training and resource development in financial literacy and investment. We want to be part of the team’s success story by harnessing the inherent power that women to plan for the future. We are here to create opportunities for these sports stars to grow their income and engage in projects that will not only empower them individually, but their communities as well. We are rolling out this important training for the team this week as a way for us to build capacity among the players even as they consider the available investment opportunities available to them on our platform. This is the magnitude of the impact that PremierCredit seeks to create through this noble association with FAZ.

We are excited to see our relationship grow and soar to higher heights. For now, I wish to thank the FAZ leadership for the partnership, the team for their display of brilliance and all the coaching staff, the entire technical team for making history. Let’s go to the World Cup and show them what we are made off. SHEPOLOPOLO all the way.

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