How Peer-to-Peer Lending Works

1. Investor deposits funds to the lending platform via mobile money or card payments. From now on, they will be able to see these funds in their Investor balance and use them to create bids for different loan applications.
2. Borrower creates a loan application from the Borrower portal or with help of the lending platform’s originators (PremierCredit).
3. Investor submits their bid for the loan application which can’t be larger than the balance available in their Investor profile. The Investor doesn’t need to make any direct transfers of funds since the money is wired through the platform.

4. Once the sum requested in the approved loan application is gathered, the funds are disbursed to the Borrower by PremierCredit and the Investor’s balance is reduced by the amount they bid.
5. Other than the principal of the loan, the Borrower is charged interest and fees specified by the lending platform (PremierCredit). The interest is split between the Investor and the lending platform.
6. The Investor can withdraw any sum within their available balance.