Payday and Personal Loans

Get the financial assistance you need
when your finances are hurting.

Is there an emergency or a large expense that requires cash payment but your bank account has little to no money for that? Maybe, you just need some cash to cushion your finances till the next pay comes?
PremierCredit has got you covered with our easy to access Personal and Payday Loans

Why Choose Us

Find out why others like yourself borrow from us

Our loans are beneficial when you are in need of quick cash to cushion and meet your financial needs especially unexpected events that require immediate cash as solution. We provide that cash, the same day. We give you:

  • Quick, user friendly access to cash when you need it
  • Hassle free credit in the most affordable way
  • Secured investment opportunities
  • Happy faces at your disposal to serve you in your time of need.
  • The more you borrow, the more points you earn, the better your credit score.

Our Payday and Personal Loans

The right loans for what you need, when you need them

Payday Loans

Cash advances are the most affordable and convenient to meet your urgent cash needs. Approval in 24hrs and you get your money immediately. Advances up to K10,000.

Personal Loans

Personal loans can help you cover large expenses. You can buy assets, finance your education, and or home improvement with a Personal Loan of up to K100,000 up to 60 months..